Welcome to the only site in Danish that deals skeptically, scientifically, and critically with the many conspiracy theories revolving around the tragic events of September 11, 2001 when members from al-Qaeda hijacked four commercial flights and committed the biggest and most horrifying terrorist attack in history.

In the years after the attack, a number of conspiracy theory groups appeared, primarily in the United States. The groups mostly migrated from other conspiracy theory groups but the Truth movement, as it calls itself, has also managed to attract people who would not normally be involved in conspiracy theories.

Groups in other countries soon followed and Denmark was no exception. As in other countries, the Danish groups are few, they are often fighting each other viciously, and they are united only in their demand for a (new) investigation.

The group that has established itself as the main one is called i11time (“in the 11th hour”). It was started by Brian Fløe who runs the site i11time.dk. It makes a point out of gathering experts and celebrities to further the demand of an(other) investigation. It boasts of hundreds of members but, in reality, only a few are active.

The group’s most prominent member by far is Niels Harrit, retired assisting chemistry professor and confirmed conspiracy theorist. His claim to fame was to author, together with seven others, the so-called nanothermite report. Niels Harrit has received a lot of attention in the media, both domestic and abroad. Today, he spends his time travelling the globe, lecturing about his many conspiracy theories and giving interviews to the local news media.

On this site, you will find a number of the most widespread claims made by some of the most predominant members in the movement. It is impossible to cover all claims, as new ones appear daily. If you have a claim not already found on this site, and you find it is important enough to warrant an investigation, we will gladly do it for you, to see if the claim is valid or not.

For now, the site is in Danish only. In time, some of the major articles will be available in English.

Steen Svanholm
Claus Larsen

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